Tachartas Gàidhlig ann an Glaschu! // Gaelic events in Glasgow!

A bheil thu ag ionnsachadh na Gàidhlig ann an Glaschu?  //  Are you learning Gaelic in Glasgow?

If so, there are 4 events taking place over the next week that you should check out!

Tonight, as part of Celtic Connections, there will be a talk on Gaelic in the Media at Pacific Quay, starting at 19:00.  The event is free but ticketed, and you can book via the Celtic Connections website.

Also, next Wednesday, 30th January, the will be a talk on The Origins of Our Tongues, shining a light on how the indigenous languages of Scotland came to be.  The event is hosted by the University of the Highlands and Islands, and chaired by comedian Susan Morrison.  It runs from 19:00 to 21:00, at City Halls, and it is free but ticketed.  To book a place, or find out more, contact City Halls or see the Celtic Connections website.

On Saturday 26th January, the CCA in Glasgow will host this month’s Ceòl is Craic event, Càirdean Ceilteach, , featuring music from Irish, Breton and Welsh artists, and culminating in a set from Gaelic singer and Ùlpan tutor extraordinaire, Joy Dunlop.  The evening kicks off with the Conversation Cafe from 18:00 – 19:00, which is free and open to all abilities.  Also, the first ten people to attend the Conversation Cafe will get in free to the main event!  Abair bargan!

Next Tuesday, 29th January, there will be an informal meeting to discuss the formation of a Gaelic Reading Group in Glasgow.  The meeting will take place at the University of Glasgow Centre for Open Studies, in the St. Andrew’s Building on Eldon Street, from 18:00.  The group will be an opportunity for post-beginner learners and above, including fluent speakers, to get together to read and talk about Gaelic writing, in Gaelic, in a friendly and informal environment.

The provisional proposal is to look at the short stories on ansgeulachdghoirid.com  by Iain Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain Moireach and Ruaraidh MacThomais, among others.  Both the texts and sound recordings of the stories are available through the website free of charge.

Nach tig thu ann?  //  Won’t you come along?

Fàg freagairt

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