Ebook for students

Tha sin air leabhar beag ùr fhoillseachadh air loidhne – “e-book” son oileanaich Ùlpan!

We have published a new e-book online for Ùlpan students!

The e-book is full of advice and ideas about what you can do in between Ùlpan classes to keep your Gaelic in good shape.  There are details of free, online resources, plus information about further courses and other Gaelic get-togethers you can attend.

Have a read through the book and find what works for you.  Try and do something every day, no matter how small.  You can then build on that week by week, at a rate that suits you.

The e-book can be downloaded through your student account.  If you don’t have an account yet, you can self-register at ulpan.co.uk, by clicking on the top-right tab marked “students”.

Gur math a thèid leat!  Good luck!