Rules // Riaghaltan

This blog is designed for tutors and students of Ùlpan, at all levels, to describe their experiences of learning and teaching Gaelic.

Deiseal Ltd, who run Ùlpan are a Gaelic speaking company, who conduct as much business as is possible through the medium of Gaelic.

In the case of this blog however, we made a conscious decision to put general information in English in order for it to be accessible to our students at all levels, as well as those interested in starting to learn through Ùlpan.

Posts will be in English or Gaelic as tutors and students see fit.

We moderate posts, however we have chosen not to correct them.

We hope that a community will grow up around this site, willing to support and encourage those who post in their Gaelic development. Please be aware of how you respond to posts, and remember that it is more important that Gaelic is used and confidence built than that posts are word perfect.

Since 1876 young Gaels going to school were forced to stop using their native speech in education.  Only reading and writing English, in particular, were taught.  The Act of Parliament guaranteeing a basic education for all children contains not a word about the Gaelic Medium Education that existed all over the Highlands and Islands at that time.  This calamity persisted for four generations until the resurrection of Gaelic Medium Education in the 1980s.  The result is that today very few excellent Gaelic speakers can read and write that language with great confidence, although their education has fitted them well to read and write English.

So in a spirit of mutual goodwill, let’s help each other to practise here and so improve the literacy skills of Gaelic users generally, regardless of our own level of spoken fluency.

Fàg freagairt

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